Revolutionizing Adobe InDesign print workflows.

Harness the power of integration, co-creation & automation

brand consistency
Brand Consistency

Create smart templates and impose editing restrictions tailored to the skill set of your different user groups

centralized assets
Access your data silos

Retrieve product data or digital assets from your data silos and automatically populate your templates

work together globally
Work together simultaneously, from anywhere

Collaborate on projects simultaneously, from anywhere. Thanks to our in-browser editor users can access projects without needing InDesign or other software

We work where you work: your preferred data silo not listed? Contact us for integration possibilities


Create publications with content from remote datasources. Easy?

Yes! Connect your current PIM, DAM or storage solution with Adobe InDesign templates in the 2imagine connectivity center. Create brochures, catalogs and other POS material faster and more efficiently by accessing your data repository from your project. Automatically populate fields with images or data such as pricing or product information.


Empower your team to work together on any InDesign project, from anywhere. Leave comments, make/suggest edits and collaborate on documents through our in-browser editor – without worrying about brand consistency. Or an InDesign licence.

Decision makers and users alike retain full oversight of the streamlined workflow – while review cycles are kept to a minimum.


Keep all your created marketing collateral up to date. Permanently.

Our pulse module can be configured to automatically update existing and create new marketing material whenever triggered. Examples of triggers: a price or image update in your data silo; a manual creation request; a set time interval has been reached.

Automating your print channel will save substantial on your budget and it guarantees 100% product content updates.

Our clients include:

Simply Amazing

2imagine’s online (Adobe InDesign) editor just is the best you can find on the market. And extremely agile to implement. In less than 3 weeks, our templates and workflow were configured and the first brochures went in production.

Less Stress. Far More Efficient.

The solution from 2imagine allows our team to be far more efficient and reduce the risks on errors. With the workflow, everybody knows the deadlines and it’s easier to coordinate. SaaS solution works for us: less stress for our IT departments.

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