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Volvo trucks employs 2imagine software to create part of their local communication, and optimize content for local markets.

Since the construction of the first Volvo truck in 1928 Volvo has grown to be the largest manufacturer of heavy trucks in Europe with more than 1200 affiliated dealers world wide. By placing an emphasis on their three core values- quality, safety and environmental awareness Volvo trucks has become synonymous with the term dependability. Volvo-truck dealerships employ print based mediums such as posters and folders to keep their customers up to date on the newest vehicles and offers.

The challenge

With over 1200 affiliated dealerships around the world one can imagine the immense effort that is required to ensure a coherent corporate identity. To make matters even more difficult, dealers from different countries and regions of the world have different needs and offer different products at different prices.

Previously individual dealerships would employ local design agencies to create marketing material, making it nearly impossible to guarantee adherence to corporate guidelines. Volvo-trucks needed a solution that gave each dealership the freedom to customize their print material to suit the needs of their market without jeopardizing the coherence of their brand.

Due to the automation of the process we have a shorter and more accurate time-2-market.

Volvo trucks

How did 2imagine solve this problem?

Minimal effort thanks to templates, restrictions and an approval workflow

Currently more than 500 Volvo-truck dealerships tackle this challenge by using the BrandPortal and Online Adobe Indesign Editor implemented by 2imagine, in conjunction with a strict workflow. Our online editor offers the perfect combination of flexibility and control.It is browser-based and requires no downloads. Moreover it is extremely easy to use, requiring no experience with Adobe indesign, allowing any employee to produce professional grade print material.

 Dealerships may create ads and posters based on a selection of custom premade templates which they can then adjust and edit with a few clicks to suit their market. By implementing restrictions on certain aspects of the design process (such as limiting which fonts and images may be used) Volvo-trucks can manage their brand on a global scale with minimal effort. Finally, the implemented approval workflow ensures that no ad or poster is printed without being thoroughly checked!

In short, the 2imagine solution includes:

  • online editing, from any browser
  • restrictions that ensure a consistent brand and catalog
  • annotations for the entire document

Local garages are able to create or edit documents themselves, without knowledge of Adobe InDesign.

The benefits for Volvo Trucks

High ROI: every dealership can use the solution

 Higher degree of control over final product

Approval workflow enforces a quality standard

Restrictions results in one clear corporate identity

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