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Tupperware streamlines catalog creation with 2imagine.

Tupperware Brands Corporation, the leading global marketer of innovative, premium products, collaborates with 2.9 million salesmen worldwide to distribute its cooking and personal care products. All these products are compiled within a two-yearly catalog of 80 pages, in 19 different lay-out versions in 42 languages. And, orchestrating all that in an orderly manner is a complex process.

The challenge

Previously, Tupperware’s production teams would be confronted with back-and-forth emails and extremely time-consuming page corrections. Collaborating with worldwide teams and translators becomes more complicated when the content of the catalog keeps evolving after a workflow has been initiated.

Tupperware’s needs? A central access point to every catalog page where the administrator is able to monitor the production process, with the ability to stop, restart or reassign tasks.

Production of the catalogs follows a strict workflow, permitting production teams to work together smoothly.

How did 2imagine solve this problem?

2imagine implemented an online Adobe InDesign editor, with a strict workflow, permitting production teams to work together smoothly. Editing options are restricted so consistency across documents can be guaranteed. Moreover, annotations were implemented so team members can communicate swiftly.

In short, the 2imagine solution includes:

  • easy-to-use online InDesign editor
  • annotations for smooth communication
  • side-by-side comparison of original and translated text
  • online editing, from any browser
Tupperware gets a clear overview of their tasks and deadlines.
Collaborate with worldwide teams in a restricted environment via the online Adobe InDesign editor.
Translate Adobe InDesign files with the split-text view in the online editor.

The benefits for Tupperware

Reduced time spent on translating and correcting

Approval process involves all stakeholders

Reduction of email communication

Production time is shorter

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