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The Essence: Striving for Excellence, Together

Since our foundation in 2003 2imagine has been a pioneer in the creation of software solutions designed to optimize marketing processes. Over time the market for software solutions has matured, and 2imagine has evolved along with it. However, the essence of 2imagine remains the same. Together with your organisation we look for ways to help your business reach the excellence that it strives to achieve. We do this by focusing on three pillars crucial to the success of a modern day business: co-creation, collaboration and automation. Our goal is simple: achieve excellence, together.

Essence – The intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, which determines its character.

– Oxford Languages

Unlocking your brand’s creative potential, together

Co-creation is a buzzword that has gradually become mainstream as more businesses begin to recognize it’s value, especially those looking to innovate. Cooperating with the different departments and roles within an organization proves to have a vast impact on the success of a company.

However, that success is not limited to only profits. A company mainly benefits from an improved relationship with its customers. If an organization is willing to listen to its customers’ needs and decides to use that advice, the organization creates a product of better quality. Moreover, the audience feels respected and becomes an important link in the creation process of products.

For us, co-creation isn’t just a buzzword. Our software solutions are built specifically to enable your organization to co-create. We care deeply about involving different roles when a new project or task is being rolled out.

This is reflected in our products, for  example in our online InDesign editor  that allows managers, marketers, designers and end users to cooperate and work towards achieving great results. Additionally, we are continually looking for partners that help us provide our customers with the solutions they are looking for.

The myth of the lone genius having a Eureka moment that changes the world is indeed a myth. Most innovation is the result of long hours building on the input of others.

Chris Anderson, TED Curator

While creativity thrives in chaos, efficiency and productivity does not

The second pillar of our approach is collaboration, which we view as the natural continuation of co-creation. Whereas co-creation focuses on creating something together, collaboration refers to working together to achieve a predetermined goal or task. Collaboration can be a powerful tool, because as the saying goes many hands make light work. However, another well known proverb, too many chefs spoils the broth, perfectly encapsulates the downside of unsuccessful collaboration. The important question is: what determines the success of collaboration? 

In our (extensive) experience the secret to success is coordination. Only through coordination can you truly harness the power of teamwork and collaborate in an efficient manner.

Here at 2imagine we enable collaboration and provide a framework to reduce redundancies, wasted time and counter productivity to a minimum. Our solutions for retailers, brands, agencies, packaging and local governments contain dedicated approval workflows tailored to your organisations’ needs. This way, decision makers retain their desired degree of control over creative processes. Finding the right balance is crucial. Too many review cycles and controls waste precious time and stifle creative spirit. However, too little control can result in issues with brand coherence and consistency, which is a terrible  look for any business.

Marketing optimization through automation

Once the optimal balance is found, the final pillar of the 2imagine solution can truly shine. By automating repetitive and time consuming tasks, marketeers and other stakeholders have more time available for meaningful tasks that actually require their skillset (such as co-creating content!). We are tirelessly working to integrate automation into our products. For example, our liquid layout feature allows users of our in-browser InDesign editor to automatically generate scaled versions of content for various formats (both print and digital!). We’re even working on a brand new automation module for our BrandPortal cloud platform right now, so keep an eye out for an announcement in the very near future!  Additionally, our solutions can easily be placed into your Martech stack. We have integrations with DAM, PIM and translator services.

Achieving excellence, together

As a SaaS business, we believe that our solutions are only as good as our service. As such, our focus on co-creation and collaboration isn’t just reflected in our products, it’s essential to the way we do business. It’s important for us to not only understand your business, but you as well. Sure, we want our solutions to benefit your bottom line. However we also want to make the lives of  you and your employees easier. So, how do we make this happen? Well, we start off by getting to know you!

Have we piqued your curiosity? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts for a free consultation and find out if we can strive for excellence, together.

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