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Sport 1 Norway

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Sport 1 Norway deploys 2imagine to assist in-store poster production.

Sport 1 in Norway is a retailer that was established in the 1990s by players in the sport industry. At the moment, Sport 1 consists of nearly 220 stores all over Norway and is the second biggest player on the sport brand market. The focus of Sport 1? On real sports such as skiing, racing and biking. All stores of Sport 1 have a wide range of products and are adapted to local needs and activities.

The challenge

Local Sport 1 shop owners decide for themselves which posters they want to create or which products they want to promote. The shop owner can create his personalized point-of-sale material – based on template selection provided by the central marketing office. They receive their own A3 color printer from Sport 1 to lower the distribution costs.

However, Norway is a large country and for example, the weather may be very different in the South than in the North during Spring. So, you’re not able to make unified campaigns all over the country.

The solution from 2imagine allows our shops to be far more efficient and reduce the production time. With the integration using the API, all users can work within their familiar interface and login.


How did 2imagine solve this problem?

We implemented the easy-to-use online Adobe InDesign editor in the Sport 1 extranet. Sport 1’s image bank was also incorporated so end users – the shop owners – can choose or add pictures for themselves from the DAM . Restrictions on fonts, colors and font size allow for a consistent brand across the entire country.The online Adobe InDesign editor was rolled out.

In short, the 2imagine solution includes:

  • the online editor, which allows for editing by anyone, on any browser
  • restrictions that ensure a cohesive brand
  • API – for integration in the Sport 1 extranet
Sport 1 shop owners can choose in a library of design templates.

An easy to use online editor for Adobe InDesign documents with controlled editing rules.

The shop owners can create personalized point-of-sale material – based on an extensive template selection

The benefits for Sport 1

printed material is cohesive across stores

integrated DAM (Digital Assets Management)

easy to use: no training of Adobe InDesign needed

SAAS solution: no investment in extra software/hardware

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