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Sint-Niklaas drastically improves the efficiency of communicating with citizens

The city of Sint-Niklaas, located in the Belgian province of East-Flanders, counts more than 77,000 inhabitants. The town is quite centrally located in Flanders and is near to Ghent and Antwerp. Sint-Niklaas itself, however, is also a vibrant city, famous for its culture, history and architecture. Communicating with so many citizens often poses a problem. And that was something the communication department of the city decided to solve.

The challenge

In 2014, Sint-Niklaas wanted to introduce a new branding for the city. This, however, was no guarantee at all for a consistent brand across every communication channel of the town. Previously, employees would all use different methods to create designs. Think Publisher, Word, PowerPoint and even Paint. No agreements and no control mechanisms. In other words, the graphical communication of Sint-Niklaas looked a lot like the ‘far west’.

How do we implement our new branding, the city asked itself, without losing control of it? Is there a solution that helps us monitor every step of the way, something that is easy-to-use and that will help us ensure consistent city branding?

Thanks to the workflow 2imagine implemented, the communication department can maintain control over the entire process


How did 2imagine solve this problem?

The online Adobe InDesign editor was rolled out. With this editor, around 200 employees of the city of Sint-Niklaas – even those without any knowledge of Adobe InDesign – are able to edit and make designs themselves, from every browser. A strict workflow was also implemented. Restrictions and permissions were set up to ensure that not every employee can see or edit every document. By doing so, the city of Sint-Niklaas is able to ensure coherent city branding.

In short, the 2imagine solution includes:

  • a streamlined and strict process
  • an easy-to-use editor for everyone: no previous training with Adobe InDesign needed
  • online editing, from every browser
  • to-do lists to streamline tasks

With this solution, every employee in Sint-Niklaas can edit and make professional looking designs. No previous knowledge of Adobe InDesign needed.

The benefits for Sint-Niklaas

high ROI: every employee can use the solution

restrictions result in one clear corporate identity

DAM (Digital Asset Management) integrated

SAAS solution: no investment in extra software/hardware

consistency across all business units

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