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An easy to use PIM solution with the best Easycatalog & 2imagine integration for print publishing



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The easiest way to create (print) publications with PIM content.

The new generation Product Information Manager.
SalesLayer Product Information Management offers you complete control of your catalog no matter how big. Discover the power of your next generation PIM.

PIM is designed to store product data to help you optimize products for marketing and sales purposes. It’s a central system, rich with product descriptions and specifications. Who benefits? Your sales teams, e-commerce managers, marketing teams, and, of course, your customers!

Important features:

  • Organize: Add, edit and complete product information with absolute freedom. Attributes, categories, families… all what you need.
  • Analyze: Check your catalog completeness with our quality report. Find product information gaps in real time.
  • Connect: Add any files and media assets to our DAM. Share your content and syndicate all your sales channels.
  • Create retail promotion publications or POS from within 2imagine without switching applications
  • Use products from SalesLayer PIM system in 2imagine’s retail solution

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