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Neroc and Praxis employ 2imagine software to create part of their local communication.

Neroc is an all-round communication agency that works together with Praxis (a Dutch DYI retailer). Neroc was founded in 1958 and is pround to work for A-brands such as ABN AMRO, ING, Albert Heijn, Philips and Praxis.

Praxis was founded in 1978 and nowadays has more than 3,600 employees. The retailer has more than 153 stores all over the country and belongs to the top of the DIY industry in the Netherlands.

The challenge

Creating local communication for diverse purposes, with different stakeholders such as Praxis franchisers and HQ in a fast and professional way. Last-minute actions and offers need to be communicated as quick as possible as well to ensure a smooth approval process.

Praxis was looking for a solution that would be versatile and multi-purpose. Moreover, the solution would need to include a strict workflow to ensure the franchiser uses the correct branding in all of their communication.

Due to the automation of the process we have a shorter and more accurate time-2-market.


How did 2imagine solve this problem?

The online Adobe InDesign editor was implemented. That way, everybody – even those without a background in design or knowledge of Adobe InDesign – is able to design or edit documents themselves. Moreover, a workflow with checkpoints was implemented. By doing so, every communication project is closely monitored all while still being in check with the retailer’s branding.

In short, the 2imagine solution includes:

  • an easy-to-use editor: no previous training of Adobe InDesign needed
  • high ROI: usable for creation of adverts, leaflets, coupons and recruitment marketing
  • implementation of Praxis’ templates
  • annotations in the software allows for smooth communication

The Praxis franchiser is able to create or edit documents themselves, without knowledge of Adobe InDesign.

The benefits for Praxis

Cohesion of corporate identity is ensured

Shorter time to market

Approval process involves necessary stakeholder(s)

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