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City of Kortrijk

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City of Kortrijk deploys 2imagine to manage their city brand communication.

The city of Kortrijk, a Belgian town with 76,000 inhabitants, is situated in Southwest Flanders. Kortrijk is thriving thanks to its focus on its rich cultural history, its tourism and its focus on creativity. All of this asks for streamlined administration and communication. And, that can be quite challenging if you’re with over 1000 employees, organized in twelve separate business units.

The challenge

Back in 2011, Kortrijk launched a new logo and new branding. However, this was no guarantee for a cohesive brand across all channels and business units. The twelve business units were using various software programs: Word, PowerPoint and Publisher. All of this resulted in different looking output. In short, an inconsistent brand. This led to many revision cycles: a waste of time and money.

How to fight this, the city asked itself? Kortrijk went on the look-out for a solution that was efficient, easy-to-use and that guaranteed brand consistency across all business units.

Stad Kortrijk is also a brand. Thanks to 2imagine template software, every city employee can strengthen this brand – with the associated look-and-feel.


How did 2imagine solve this problem?

We implemented an online Adobe InDesign editor that also consisted of a strict workflow.

With our editor, every employee of the city of Kortrijk – even without any knowledge of Adobe InDesign – is able to edit documents, in every browser.

The workflow allows for streamlined processes and when new projects are created, users are alerted via email. In addition, restrictions can be set so a consistent brand across all channels can be guaranteed.

In short, the 2imagine solution includes:

  •  streamlined and controlled process
  • an easy-to-use editor, no previous training of Adobe InDesign needed
  • to-do lists and clear tasks via email alerts
  • online editing, from every browser
A customized BrandPortal for all divisions with a large selection of templates.
An easy to use online editor for Adobe InDesign documents with controlled editing rules.
A consistent look & branding for all city communication.

With this solution, every employee of the city of Kortrijk is able to edit documents, in every browser.

The benefits for Kortrijk

consistency across all business units

integrated DAM (Digital Assets Management)

high ROI: every department uses the solution

faster production process thanks to templates

restrictions on editing makes for one clear brand

SAAS solution: no investment in extra software/hardware

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