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inRiver: One PIM solution to power your digital-first commerce



The digital-first PIM solution that’s designed to drive revenue

The digital-first Product Information Manager.
inRiver Product Information Management offers you complete control of your catalog no matter how the size, or outlet (both print and digital). Discover the possibilities below.

PIM is designed to store product data to help you optimize products for marketing and sales purposes. It’s a central system, rich with product descriptions and specifications. Who benefits? Your sales teams, e-commerce managers, marketing teams, and, of course, your customers!

Important features:

  • Supply: Speed time to market with easy access to product data feeds (ERP, PLM, and more.) Add, manage, and control your inbound information and connectors with just a few clicks.
  • Plan: Increase selling days by automating product content across touchpoints. Schedule, optimize, and schedule your content for specific channel requirements.
  • Syndicate: Scale to reach new channels, marketplaces, wholesalers, or data pools quickly and easily. Product content is automatically optimized and formatted to meet any standards or regulations across the globe. No more chargebacks, no worries – just opportunities.
  • Enrich: No more manual work. Automatically enrich product content, manage media files, and build context. A central hub ensures collaboration and optimization for internal and external teams.
  • Publish: Scale quickly. Publish high-quality content anywhere and everywhere from print to e-catalogs, in-store signage, or mobile. Streamline updates with automated updates across all channels saving time and costly errors.
  • Evaluate: Gather data-driven insights about your product information’s performance across all your touchpoints. See what’s working and what’s not. Using this engagement intelligence, you have clear, actionable guidance to drive conversions and grow your revenue.
  • Create retail promotion publications or POS from within 2imagine without switching applications
  • Use products from InRiver PIM system in 2imagine’s retail solution

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