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ECC Ediciones deploys 2imagine to streamline DC Comics translations.

ECC Ediciones, a Spanish company, caters services to the comic industry where it helps to translate for DC Comics. DC Entertainment publishes hundreds of comic books, graphic novels and magazines yearly, making them the largest English-language publisher of comics worldwide. However, translating comics is not as easy as it may sound.

The challenge

Translating comics is a very specific task: the words need to fit within the speech balloon. And, for most of the time, implementing text in predestined boxes poses a problem. Some languages can say things in shorter sentences and others might need more words to express the same thing. A tough challenge for an industry where time is money.

ECC Ediciones went on the look-out for a solution that would perfectly render what you edit. Above that, they also wanted a powerful workflow which would allow them to work smoothly and fast.

The solution from 2imagine allows our team to be far more efficient and reduce the risks on errors. With the workflow, everybody knows the deadlines and it’s easier to coordinate. SaaS solution works for us: less stress for our IT departments.


How did 2imagine solve this problem?

2imagine implemented the online Adobe InDesign editor accompanied by a workflow solution. This allows every stakeholder, even those without any Adobe InDesign experience, to edit and translate the document from their browser.

No more copying and pasting translations: translators can simply work from within the document.

In short, the 2imagine solution includes:

  • easy-to-use editor, no experience with Adobe InDesign needed
  • restrictions on fonts and colors can be set
  • to-do lists in workflow via email alerts
  • side-by-side comparison of original and translated text
Each user is guided via a Todo list by the workflow engine.
The team can exchange notes and comments via post-its and comments.
The original InDesign comic book is uploaded and made available to the production & translation team.

No more copying and pasting translations: translators can simply work from within the document.

The benefits for Sint-Niklaas

Consistency is ensured

Faster production process

Cloud solution, editing from any browser

Clear identity thanks to templates

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