Details for Retail: Create and Keep Your POS Material up to Date Permanently With 2imagine Pulse

Small changes to your POS leading to a bottleneck?

It’s a struggle that’s all too familiar to retail marketers: You need to make a slight adjustment to POS material- for example, the price on a showroom pricing board needs to be tweaked. To the uninitiated, this seems like a simple enough task. Just one problem though. Your pricing boards are in PDF format, and as a result, even the smallest changes require you to turn towards your designer colleagues for help. 

Now imagine all your POS material needs to be updated. Good Luck. 

Smaller retailers can make do by manually updating, but as your business grows this approach quickly becomes unsustainable. Imagine trying to maintain brand consistency across various outlets with every local store taking care of the updates themselves.

Or what you and your employees could accomplish with the time spent on replacing POS material. Picture this hypothetical scenario: Your business needs to alter the pricing on 200 product banners (print or digital), and you need to do this in 12 languages. That’s 1400 documents just waiting to be updated. Yikes.

But what if we told you that creating various versions of marketing material and keeping POS material up to date can be largely automated, and all you need to do is keep a finger on the pulse?

Enter 2imagine Pulse, our automated publishing module. 

Using cutting-edge technology, Pulse allows you to create a high volume of brand consistent POS material – and keep it up to date when content changes in your PIM (product inventory management) system. 100% automatic. Without needing specialist skills (such as InDesign!)… wouldn’t that be great?

Sounds interesting, but how does it work?

Well, without getting too technical: Our pulse module works by using smart templates as the basis for your POS material. These “smart” templates contain fields which are linked to your single source of truth, which is most often your PIM system (but they work with other sources such as a DAM system, Dropbox or Google Drive as well!).

This allows you to automatically fill out the template with information stored in product inventory. You should definitely check out our white paper if you are unfamiliar with PIM systems and smart templates. It explains how you can automate the creation of marketing material, such as POS and brochures!

You can configure specific triggers or moments where our Pulse module checks if the data in your PIM system has changed. If it has, it will automatically create new POS material based on the smart templates and the new data. Pulse can be integrated into your workflow, so you can choose when and who receives a notification when new material is created!

Are you curious about the possibilities of our Pulse module? Looking for more information? Our automation experts are more than happy to answer any questions you might have!

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