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Good communication plays a crucial role. It’s essential you pass on the right information efficiently with the ones you like to share it with. However, current work communication is far from efficient with its multitude of back-and-forth emails. We got you covered with our integrations with following communication solutions.


Searching for the right image in your company is a chore. Everything is cluttered, there is no order, and nobody can seem to find what you need. A digital asset management (DAM) is what you need then: a central place where you can easily find that image you need for your next blog post, whitepaper, catalogue or social media post. A DAM good investment if we may say so! Just give up your authentication information and you’re good to go.


Collaborating on joint projects can be a crisscross of emails, messages, or phone calls. Does working online, together, and in the same file sound like a dream? Our integrations can aid you in your journey towards smooth efficiency: collaborate online, comment on each other’s contributions and share with whomever you like.


A Product Information Management or PIM is not quite the same as a DAM. Yes, it does store the things you need, but a PIM is designed to store product data to help you optimize products for marketing and sales purposes. It’s a central system, rich with product descriptions and specifications. Who benefits? Your sales teams, e-commerce managers, marketing teams, and, of course, your customers!

Translation Services

Translating documents in an international industry can be a tedious job. Your documents need to be translated by specialists, and those reports are all over the place. Cloud service translation technology then sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

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