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2imagine allows Colora to produce POS material that is tailored to each franchisee store- at scale.

Colora is the authority in the belgian market regarding everything paint. Colora, established in 1981 prides itself as the one stop shop for both professional and DIY painters. In addition to offering belgian superior quality products Colora provides advice and guidance to ensure every customer leaves one of their 59 shops satisfied. Colora releases a quarterly folder containing both advice and inspiration on the newest trends in the world of paint. Individual stores use flyers and brochures to address their local market. Other POS material is also used in-store and varies store to store.

Colora Brand Portal

The Challenge

Colora has clearly defined their USP, and has successfully built their business model around it. Providing tailored advice to anyone who enters their stores has resulted in Colora becoming the go-to for anyone looking to up their color game. Alas, as with many older industries, e-commerce and foreign alternatives are affecting the market. While their competition resorts to promotions and discounts, Colora had to search for an alternative way to protect their market position without taking actions that might affect their brand image.

Coloras USPs are clear. Superior quality products in combination with the best service and advice result in satisfied and returning customers.

An important aspect of Colora is the offering of tailored advice. To complement their USP, all POS material has to be customized as well to match the regional needs and wants of each store and its target demographic. As each store owner/manager has the most insights into what products are successful in their region. Colora was in search of a cost-efficient and easy way to customize a large array of POS material.

With 58 stores in Belgium (and one in the Netherlands) Colora is well represented. Tailored advice and superior product quality are their USP, and reminding both current and potential customers why they are the authority on paint is crucial. To complement their USP, POS material used by Coloras’ establishments should be equally customized based on store location and target demographic. After all, every region has different stylistic preferences and demands. The challenge Colora faced seems simple: how can we personalize POS material in a time-and cost-efficient manner? 

How did 2imagine solve this problem?

By implementing 2imagines’ BrandPortal and Editor Colora store managers are able to create and customize POS material as they see fit. The wide array of POS material is personalized based on the information on the different stores. The key component of the 2imagine solution for Colora is the form editor. The form editor allows store managers to place orders for their customized POS material at Colora HQ. With just a few simple clicks store managers can send an e-mail with the link to all the POS material files to HQ, straight from the form editor. Alternatively, the form editor allows you to download the designs as PDF files, which can then again be sent for printing.

Currently there are more than 70 Colora employees using the 2imagine solution to fulfill their printing needs. The scalability of the 2imagine solution combined with its ease-of-use (no knowledge of InDesign is required to customize!) results in both time and money saved, even when new establishments are opened.

In short, the 2imagine solution includes:

  • Near effortless customization of POS material without in-depth InDesign knowledge
  • A streamlined ordering process
  • Applicable for all types of print POS material

Store managers are just one click away from localized POS material.

An overview of all the forms available to local stores
Localized POS, tailored to every market
Add a personal touch to the most effective form of advertisement

The benefits for Colora

Both time and money saved in comparison to the traditional creation and production cycle for POS material

Easy to use solution for both store managers and HQ employees

SAAS solution: no Adaptability of POS material according to individual store needs

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