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Beiersdorf deploys 2imagine to streamline Nivea packaging translations.

Beiersdorf is a leading international company, with more than 150 affiliates and over 18,000 employees. Beiersdorf’s consumer business segment focuses itself on the skincare market with brands such as NIVEA, Eucerin, La Prairie and Labello. Back in 2011, Beiersdorf celebrated the 100th anniversary of NIVEA which is now the world’s largest skincare brand.

The challenge

Packaging print production is more difficult than regular publishing projects. That means more product information, complex varying regulations and worldwide agencies that are all responsible for the NIVEA packaging design. Conclusion? Difficult to orchestrate all of this in an efficient way.

What did Beiersdorf want for NIVEA? A browser-based editing system, allowing different translators to apply translated text directly to the actual design. No more detours, just simple editing and translating.

2imagine delivered the first (and only) editor for Adobe Illustrator documents. And they managed to integrate it swiftly into our workflow system using API. Our customer Beiersdorf is very satisfied with the platform and our technical know-how.

Ben Dekeyser- IT solutions supervisor Tgs

How did 2imagine solve this problem?

We integrated the online Adobe editor with Beiersdorf’s existing workflow solution. This online editor allows translators and other stakeholders to work directly on the document from their browser.

No more need for copying and pasting translations. Previously, this was a tricky task when working with non-Latin character sets such as Russian, Arabic, and Chinese.

In short, the 2imagine solution includes:

  • an easy-to-use editor, no training of Adobe InDesign or Illustrator needed
  • online editing of Adobe Illustrator files
  • restrictions that allow for a consistent brand
  • side-by-side comparison of original and translated text
  • annotations allow for streamlined communication
Translations in an Adobe Illustrator file with richt text capabilities.
Easily insert special characters.
Add annotations to ensure streamlined communication.

No more need for copying and pasting translations. Previously, this was a tricky task when working with non-Latin character sets such as Russian, Arabic, and Chinese.

The benefits for Beiersdorf-Nivea

Reduced time spent on corrections

Faster production process

Corporate identity is ensured

All stakeholders are involved in approval process

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